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Julia Smith, P.E.

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Our 2018-2019 NAWIC year is rapidly coming to an end.  It’s been another great year full of new ideas, new members and new opportunities!  It was also a year of great loss as we lost a long-time member, Yolanda “Yolie” Candelaria.  She was a dedicated NAWIC member, employee and friend.  We miss her and will always remember her dedication and contributions to the El Paso chapter.  

As we head into our new NAWIC year, I want to encourage all of our members to reflect on why you are a part of this organization.  What are your goals?  Are you a member for the personal development?  For the professional experience?  For the chapter leadership?  Whatever your reason, I invite you to make your reason count this year!  I want us to grow as a chapter—not only in number—but also in knowledge.  Let’s learn from each other and make things happen!   

I look forward to the opportunity for us to start a new fundraising event this year.  It seems like everyone is excited about the prospect of our 5k fundraising run and we will get that planning going within the next few months.  We have our 2019-2020 meeting schedule pretty much planned out with a wide range of speakers and site tours.  We have a BIG task for next year in the planning of the Pacific Southwest 2020 Fall Convention.  The success of that event is going to depend on the participation of our group as a whole—it’s a big event!  I look forward to welcoming members of NAWIC PSW to our beautiful city.   

Thank you to the membership for letting me be your president for another year.  I look forward to working on the next year with you all. 

Julia Smith, P.E.  

"As material for the construction of our building,  I pledge the agility of my hands  The ability of my mind  And the integrity of my heart.”

2019-2020 Board

El Paso Chapter 248

  • President: Julia Smith, P.E. with Wood  
  • Vice President: Luvina Jurado with CEA Group
  • Treasurer: Karen Edmonston with Area Iron & Steel Works, Inc  
  • Secretary: Priscilla Northcutt with Capital Active Funding, Inc  
  • Board of Director: Seam Chow with Assurance Fire Protection, LLC
  • Board of Director: Nancy Villalobos with Area Iron & Steel Works, Inc  
  • Board of Director: Yazmin Trueba with SUNDT Construction